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How To Keep Kids Toothbrushes Sanitary

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How To Keep Kids Toothbrushes Sanitary
Have you ever heard of toothbrush sanitizers?

My youngest grandson, Treyson, loves to brush his teeth. But he never worries about germs on his toothbrush.

He just lays it down where ever he wants and walks away. I have found it on the sink, on the toilet and in the bathtub. Yuck!

Sometimes the dog finds it before his mom or I do.

His mom freaks when she finds him using it from one of the nasty germ covered places.

How To Keep Kids Toothbrushes SanitaryI need to tell her about these toothbrush sanitizer. I am sure she will think this is a great idea for Trey.

These toothbrush sanitizers are so cute, no one will know what they are sitting on your bathroom sink. They will think that it is another kids toy.

Little do they know that these little animal toothbrush sanitizers are working hard to keep your family safe from 99% of germs. Yep, I did say it kills up to 99% of germs!

I can just imagine how much this will cut down on Treyson getting sick. I read one review where a woman said after school started her son had strep throat twice in one month. Her dentist recommended the Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer to her. This truly is a great protection for the entire family. These toothbrush sanitizers also fit adult size toothbrushes.

These run on batteries, so they will be easy to take with you on trips. Just put the toothbrush sanitizer in the vanity suitcase and it will be ready when you reach your destination.


How does the toothbrush sanitizers work? Watch This.

It sounds very technical, but all you have to remember is that it is keeping your family safe from germs that their toothbrushes will come into contact with.


Kid’s Fun Toothbrush Sanitizers

I think Treyson will like Zapi UV toothbrush sanitizer because he will think it’s fun, and his mom will like that it will both store his toothbrush and sanitize it, killing up to 99% of germs.

How To Keep Kids Toothbrushes Sanitary

His mom will also like it because it was the winner of the International Housewares Design Award 2009. So it has been tested and it is mother approved.

There is a removable drip cup that allows for easy cleaning as needed and it will always stand up straight because of the weighted bottom. So don’t worry if it wobbles, it’s made to do that.

The UV bulb won’t need to be replaced because it is rated to last over 8,000 hours.

There is an easy one button activation and auto shut-off in under 7 minutes. It’s so easy even Treyson can do it himself.

You will need 3 AAA alkaline batteries to get it working.

Several Kid’s Fun Toothbrush Sanitizers To Choose From

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