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Large Bird Houses for the Garden

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Large Bird Houses for the Garden

I love large bird houses in my garden!

But they are more than just a “pretty face” in your garden. They are the best way to make your yard come alive with excitement.

In the spring and summer we are busy decorating our gardens and our yards with colorful vegetables and beautiful flowers. While doing this can create a stunning garden, but if you add a large bird house to your garden it would be that spark of quaintness we all strive to find.

The colorful birds that are attracted to these houses add so much to any garden. Their beautiful colors and their delightful songs.

Add one to your garden this year and you will love it as much as I do.

Southern Plantation Style Large Garden Bird House

When you  add a beautiful bird house to your garden for decoration, watch out…you may accidentally become a bird watcher. Bird watching can give you many hours of pleasure in any season, and is addictive.

Garden Pavilion Bird Large Bird HouseGet DetailsClassic Novelty Cottage Bird HouseGet DetailsClubhouse BirdhouseGet Details3-Floor-12 Room Purple Martin HouseGet Details


Pretty Painted Large Garden Bird Houses

You can choose from a Victorian bird house or a Log Cabin or pick a magical bird house that just makes you smile you when you see it.

Beach Haven BirdhouseGet DetailsLe Chateau- Dark YellowGet DetailsVictorian Cottage Bird HouseGet DetailsPost Lane Cottage BirdhouseGet Details


Novelty Cottage Garden Birdhouse

Adding color to your garden with a large bird house will benefit not just you, but the birds living in your yard and you will be creating a nesting place for them. Once birds have settled in your garden bird house you can expect to see them to stay until Fall and maybe if you are lucky…..beyond.

Amish Barn Bird HouseGet DetailsGrand Picket Fence Bird HouseGet DetailsHome Bazaar Chapel Bell BirdhouseGet Details

Great Large Bird Houses with Flair

There is always a surprise when you put a large garden bird house in your garden. You will attract several bird species and you will find watching them is more fascinating  than appreciating the flowers you have growing.

Victorian Cedar Roof Large Bird HouseGet DetailsPurple Martin House-bright Copper RoofGet DetailsNovelty Cottage Birdhouse with BracketGet Details

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