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No More Heavy Ironing Boards – Use a Magnetic Ironing Mat

No More Ironing BoardsI so rarely use the ironing board, it takes me 5 minutes to find it and I just pray the iron is with it. Then I have to lug it up the stairs and find a plug in.

Ugh… I hate ironing ever since my mom sent me to my grandmothers to iron for her. Granted, she had broken her arm and couldn’t do it, but who said I wanted to do it.

My mother got the idea that I liked ironing because I didn’t complain about doing her ironing as much as my sister. That taught me to complain more.

Magnetic Ironing Surface Topper
I love simple solutions to nagging problems. I hate dragging out the ironing board when it’s time to press something.

Now you don’t have to pull the ironing board out. Just use this simple quilted ironing mat. I have done this with bath towels before, but this is a much better idea. This ironing mat also has magnets in it to that it will attach itself to the dryer and stay there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on other surfaces, because you can.

Magnetic Ironing Mat Blanket, by Homeneeds™

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  • PRODUCT - Quilted Thermal Magnetic Ironing Mat
  • QUANTITY - 1 Piece
  • SIZE - Length 32" x Width 18" Inches
  • MATERIAL - Heat Resistant Polyester/Cotton Quilted Fabric Blend With Fiber Fill
  • USES - Transforms Any Metallic or Flat Surface into an Instant Ironing Board - The Fully Magnetic Edges Will Hold the Mat Securely to Any Metallic Surface - Works On top of Washers / Dryers, or Any Given Flat Surface - Perfect for Apartments, Student Dorm, and RVs!

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