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LifeSmart Electric Portable Heater Review

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(UPDATE) It is now Spring 2015. We just went through another cold winter in Missouri and my LifeSmart Electric Heater stayed with us all winter. This is the best investment I have made for my home. I would strongly recommend this heater to anyone that just needs a little extra heat in their home or office.

LifeSmart Electric Portable Heater Review:

I had to take a few minutes to brag on my new heater. I bought the LifeSmart Electric Portable Heater.

I am hoping that winter is slowly coming to a close, but as I say that, as it is -3 degrees here in Missouri.

I bought this electric portable heater at the beginning of winter (2013) because we live in a basement apartment and I get cold.

lifesmart heaterLifeSmart LS-1000HH13 1200 Sq Ft Infrared Quartz Electric Portable Heater Black

This little guy has been a work horse all winter. It rarely shuts off (because I have it set on 86 degrees) and it just keeps giving me warm air. It is very quiet, I don’t even know it’s running. At night though, there is a glow from the living room. It comes with 4 caster wheels, so it is easy to move around the room to aim it where you need the heat the most. I rarely move mine though, it heats the entire living room, kitchen and dining room with no problems at all.

It has run non-stop for 4 months now. I think that says a lot about the makers of this great heater. I am so impressed with it and I know that when it is time to pull it out next winter, it will work another long winter for me just as strong.
lifesmart heater controls

It has some great safety features. I have it sitting next to a cabinet and once I dropped something out of the cabinet and it hit the heater. The heater turned itself off. Its just a precautionary safety measure, and it was easy to turn back on, but it made me realize that during the night if something hit it, it would shut off. I love knowing my family is safe.

I know there are a lot of portable heaters on the market, but I wanted to share my experience with one that I have used for many months and am happy with. I hope this helps you choose a great heater for your home as well.

Here is a link to finding it on Amazon, but I found it at a local store in Kansas City. Check around for the best deals. I am all about saving money.

LifeSmart 1200 Sq Ft Infrared Quartz Electric Portable Heater Black

Front ViewGet the DetailsBack ViewGet the DetailsRemote ControlGet the DetailsBoxedGet the Details

Here are the particulars about the LifeSmart Electric Portable Heater –

Heats a Room Up to 1200 Square Feet

Sleek Black Color Looks Good with all Decor

Built-in Fan Circulates Air through the Heater and Into the Area Being Heated

Infrared Technology Effectively Uses Less Energy to Produce Even Heat from Floor to Ceiling

Programmable Temperature and Timer Feature

Video Review of the features on this LifeSmart Electric Portable Heater

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