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Little Boy Backpacks: School Backpacks for Books

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Little boys backpacks are the solution to all kids going to school. School is about to start and you know the first thing they want is a new backpack.

There are so many great choices for our young little guys.

What is their favorite animal? What is their favorite toy? What is their favorite movie? What’s his favorite color? What does his best friend have?

I bet there is a backpack that will match it.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack
Skip Hop Little Kids Backpacks

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Backpack is perfect for your little guy because it has a roomy main compartment for all his treasures. It has an insulated pouch for snacks and adjustable mesh bottle pocket for his water or juice. It is easy to clean and had padded, adjustable comfy straps.

Brown HedgehogCheck PriceFrogCheck PriceDinosaurCheck PriceDogCheck PriceElephantCheck PriceFoxCheck PriceGiraffeCheck PriceHippoCheck PriceLionCheck PriceMonkeyCheck PriceBeeCheck PriceZebraCheck PricePenguinCheck PriceOwlCheck Price

Stephen Joseph Little Boy Backpacks
Stephen Joseph knows what kids want in a backpack. Lots of great colors and easy to carry packs. You have your choice of cotton or vinyl bags. Both are easy to clean. The cotton ones are perfect for monogramming.

SpaceCheck PricePirate ShipCheck PriceDogCheck PriceAirplaneCheck PriceFiretruckCheck PriceFoxCheck PriceHorseCheck PricePirateCheck PriceRace CarCheck PriceSportsCheck Price

Stephen Joseph Go Go Backpack
Featuring a vinyl little boys backpack that includes a lunch box and a stainless steel bottle for his juice. The lunchbox is fully lined to keep his food at the perfect temperature till he gets to school.

DinoCheck PriceBlue AirportCheck PriceMonkeyCheck PriceSharkCheck PriceTransportationCheck PriceSportsCheck Price

Wildkin Olive Kids Heroes Pack ‘n Snack Backpack
This backpack serves a double purpose. He can carry his books and a snack at the same time. He is going to be really popular with the other kids that aren’t carrying a snack.
Wildkin Pack ‘n Snack Backpacks combines two products into one great space. These Backpacks feature a generously-sized, food-safe insulated front pocket that can be used to stow snacks, lunch, or school supplies. Perfect for preschool, daycare, and day trips.

Trains, Planes and TrucksCheck PriceHerosCheck PriceUnder ConstructionCheck PriceOut of This WorldCheck PriceRobotsCheck PriceGreen WIld AnimalsCheck Price

Disney Movie Planes Backpacks
Disney Planes is a rescue movie that we all can’t help but fall in love with. Your little boy wants to be a hero, and he can be a hero if he fly’s planes and puts out fires.

Let his dream carry over to real life by getting him a Disney Plane backpack for school.

SkipperCheck PriceLet’s SoarCheck PriceRuzCheck PriceSpinning PropellerCheck PriceDusty Own The SkyCheck Price3D PropCheck Price

Despicable Me Backpacks
Minions are my favorite. If they are mine, I am pretty sure they are popular with kids too. Take a minion to school and things will go good….they will make sure of it.

Will your little guy take a minion with him to the first day of school?

MinionCheck PriceMinions Anti Villain LeagueCheck PriceOopsCheck PriceJerryCheck PriceHey Hey HeyCheck PriceThinking MinionsCheck Price

Action Heros
What little boy doesn’t have a superhero he doesn’t already adore. When he goes to the first day of school he will feel so much more secure if he had his favorite superhero with him. He will be able to fight all his battles because he knows he isn’t alone.

What superhero will your little guy be carrying?

SpidermanCheck PriceSupermanCheck PriceBatmanCheck PriceJustice LeagueCheck PriceAvengersCheck PriceTransformersCheck Price

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