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Welded Metal Garden Sculptures

Welded Metal Garden Sculptures – Add Personality to Your Garden

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Whimsical Welded Metal Garden Sculptures have me dreaming of a peaceful beautiful garden.

I love to put pretty, unexpected objects in my garden and Welded Metal Garden Sculptures are perfect for this. Try hiding them in your beautiful garden plants, so that it’s a bit of a surprise when a visitor comes across them. Most of the time I think they are too beautiful to hide, so I put them up front in our garden for all to see and enjoy.
Homemade Garden Signs
These pieces are considered modern art decor for the garden. We are the artists of our garden; there are no rules as to where to put them. Having fun is the only rule that is mandatory.

Remember, you can never have too many metal garden sculptures. In the winter, I don’t take them inside, because when I sit inside on a cold dreary day and look out, they remind me that spring will come soon.

Dog Metal Garden Sculptures

Dog Welded Metal Garden Sculpture
We all love our dogs and these adorable dog metal garden sculptures will make us laugh when we see them. You can even find some that are your breed of dog. Both Amazon and Etsy have a variety of these welded metal garden sculptures. Even if you don’t find that breed, I know you will find something that makes you smile. (Found at your trusted

Spiky Dachshund Dog SculptureSpiky Dachshund Dog SculptureRalphie The Dog Metal Garden StatueRalphie The Dog Metal Garden StatueSpiky Scottie Dog SculptureSpiky Scottie Dog Sculpture


Chicken Yard Decor

Welded Rooster and Hen Metal Garden Sculpture
I like chickens and roosters as long as they are made of metal. I have had too many roosters attack me with their spurs to like them live. These are adorable and with such a great selection, I know you will find something you like. I love these handpainted ones. I do wonder if they have put anything on them to protect them from the weather. I like to keep mine all year in the garden. If not, I would have to put something on them. They are truly a work of art. Which one will look perfect in your garden? (Found at

Doc the RoosterDoc the RoosterChickensChickensHen With ChicksHen With Chicks

Metal Wire Sculpture Chicken

These Metal Garden Bird Sculptures are a bit different because they are metal wired wrapped around and around to create these adorable chickens. These are custom made, which means you get to pick the shape and color. They are life sized sculptures. (Found at

Metal Bird Yard Decor

Metal Garden Bird Scultpures
I like the long legged birds for my garden decor. I can stick them in with flowers or foliage and you can still see them. Although, I have seen them put near water and they are lovely. So if you have a water fountain in your yard, try these around that and see how you like them. What is so wonderful about these welded metal garden sculptures is that you can move them around. Plant them somewhere and if you don’t like it, pull it up and move it. It’s that simple. (Found at

Crane PreeningCrane PreeningCraneCraneCraneCrane

Metal Garden Bird Sculptures Quail

These cute family of Quails are handmade and there are now two that look alike. The tallest one is 8.5 inches tall and the babies are 3.5 inches tall. These all come as a set, so you get to arrange them the way you want and move them around. They have been gently forged to their three-dimensional shape and will weather naturally to a rusty metal finish. (Found at

Recycled Metal Yard Art Animals

Recycled Metal Yard Art Animals
Have you ever thought about having a cute little donkey in your garden? How can you say not to that cute thing? I don’t know how they come up with these ideas to make these wonderful creations from junk. They are adorable. I have a few of these in my garden. I have to say, I abuse them, but year after year they stand up my abuse and still look great in my garden. Although, I think my cat may have lost an ear. (Found at

Reading FrogReading FrogHorashio the HorseHorashio the HorseLarge Swinging FrogsLarge Swinging Frogs

Welded Metal Garden Sculptures – Signs

Welded Metal Garden Sculpture Signs
Signs in the garden, patio or even on the front of the house is very popular right now. I love the vintage look of them. They don’t have to make sense to anyone by you. It is your garden…right? So if you want an arrow or to announce it’s your garden…go for it. (Found at

Custom SignCustom SignMetal Pool SignMetal Pool SignDance for JoyDance for Joy

Welded Metal Garden Sculpture Signs - LOVE

This welded metal garden sculpture reminds me of my youth. I would proudly put this in my back yard. He has the same sign in rustic white as well. I can’t decide which I like more. (Found at

Welded Metal Garden Sculptures are like any art, it is up to you and what makes you smile. Here are just a few of what you will find at Amazon and Etsy. Have fun and make your garden unique with Welded Metal Garden Sculptures.

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Welded Metal Garden Sculptures

Homemade Garden Signs - Love
Metal Bird Yard Decor
Metal Bird Yard Decor
Recycled Metal Yard Art Animals
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