My System Mechanic: My Secret To A Smooth Running PC

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I have been holding out on you. This is my secret weapon to keeping my computer working at tip top speed.

When I first got my new computer, it started acting funny, so I called Dell. They asked me if I had System Mechanic installed, and when I said no, they acted offended. I had never heard of it. So I immediately bought it and put it on my computer. It has been a life saver.

Last week I was at my moms and my brother was there. He started telling me about a new computer product that he just got and loves. Guess what it was? You guessed right, System Mechanic.

Let me tell you what it does:

Has your new computer lost its new computer speed? Mine too, and that is why I was complaining to the company I bought it from. System Mechanic will boost your speed and get your new computer, or old, back to that new computer speed we all love.

System Mechanic automatically performs a 229-point diagnostic computer inspection in just a few minutes using over 50 tools to uncover why your PC is running so slowly.

System Mechanic is able to provide the most complete approach to PC care because it integrates 50+ diagnostic, repair, and optimization features into one easy-to-use interface. Plus it leverages unique intelligence provided by iolo Labs’ continuously updated Tune-up Definitions™ to custom tailor its diagnosis and repair to your specific system configuration.

More than 50 features sounds like a lot – and it is! – but System Mechanic is designed so that you can quickly get to the repairs and optimizations you need, skip those you don’t, and explore as much or as little about your PC as you’d like. For example, use System Mechanic to find and remove junk and clutter, which is one of the most insidious factors in Windows performance degradation and a threat to your privacy.

Here are a few screenshots from the product.


Maybe a video would be better. Watch this funny video about how our computers get bogged down with silly stuff we don’t need:

Still don’t believe me? Well try it for yourself. Follow this link for a coupon with a great price.

Get 60% off System Mechanic 14 Pro. Coupon code: THANKS
Get 60% off System Mechanic 14. Coupon code: BLACKAF

There are other products available from iolo, but I haven’t tried any of them. I am sure sooner or later I will try them all. Check them out as well. You might find a product you were wishing you had.

Ok, so now that it’s not a secret anymore. This I use my System Mechanic every week and sometimes more often than that to keep my pc running smoothly. Isn’t it time to get your pc some help?


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