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Nesting Bowl Set: Stacked Bowls Ready For Baking Day

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Nesting Bowl Set
A Nesting Bowl Set was the very first wedding gift I received way back in 1977.

I loved that set. It was red, green, blue, and orange and there were 4 bowls, all different sizes…it was perfect. I still have that set and I still love it. I remember who gave to me….that alone is amazing.

The reason they call them nesting bowls is because they are stacking bowls. Each set has several different sizes that nest inside the others. Sometimes I need the big one and sometimes I need the little one and sometimes I need them all.

If you cook, you need a nesting bowl set. I use one to mix whatever I am creating and one for a garbage bowl. Then when the big one gets dirty, I change things around.

I have several sets and one set has lids. I really like that. When I make pancake dough and don’t use it all, I just put the lid on so I can use it the next day.

You will find great uses for nesting bowls. You will wonder how you lived without them so long. They are made in ceramic and melamine. I prefer the melamine because I use them mostly for prep bowls. But you might like the ceramic instead.

I have given these as wedding gifts many times. I usually put my famous biscuit recipe and a dough cutter with it so they have everything they need to make perfect biscuits for their new hubby. I wrap the nesting bowls and then hang the recipe and the biscuit cutter with ribbon on the outside. So cute!

Ceramic Nesting Bowls

Ceramic nesting bowls are usually heavy, which is good most of the time. I use mine more for serving things in than mixing food in. I love the weight of them and the colors they come in. I favor ceramic, but I am always afraid I will drop them. But they are so pretty, I can’t help myself, I bought several sets. Some are so pretty that I use them as decoration in my kitchen and I use them in my cooking as well. They are so versatile.

Anchor Hocking 4-Piece Ceramic Nesting Decorated Prep Bowl Set5 Piece Multi Colored Stoneware Mixing Bowl SetGlitterville Small Mixing / Serving Nesting Kitchen Bowl Set, 4 SizesSur La Table Ceramic Mixing Bowls Set of 5Earthtone 4 Piece Ceramic Nesting Mixing Bowl SetJuliska Berry and Thread Nesting Prep Bowl Set of 4 Whitewash

Melamine Nesting Bowls

This is the material I prefer my nesting bowl sets to be made of. They are so much lighter and I am always afraid I will drop the ceramic. I would be so sad if I broke one. They are usually much brighter colors too. I like that!

If you seem to use your mixing bowls a lot and you are doing more than just lightly mixing things in them, you need to try these. I have nesting bowl sets in both materials, but I like to work out of these. I seem to use the ceramic ones for serving more than mixing. Nesting bowls are perfect for that too.

These are my original set!Zak Designs Caribea 5-Piece Mixing Bowl SetOggi Melamine Ribbed 6 Piece Mixing Bowl SetPreserve Nested Mixing BowlsZak Designs Confetti Mixing BowlsJoseph Joseph Nest 8 piece Compact Food Preparation SetMario Batali 5-piece Measuring Prep Bowl SetPresent Time pt, Melamine Retro Nesting Mixing Bowls

Nesting Bowls with Lids

Lids come in handy. You might think about these if you are considering buying a nesting bowl set. They are perfect for storing things in till you need them again. Or if you make something and it’s not time to eat yet, just put the lid on, stick it in the fridge and it will be ready when you are. I have several nesting bowl sets with lids and they seem to be my favorite.

Golden Rabbit Cobalt Blue Swirl Nesting Mixing Bowls8 Piece Melamine Bowl Set Include LidsNesting Prep Bowl Set with LidsMelamine Bowl with Lid

Nesting bowl sets make a great gift for a bridal shower, that’s where I got them. But it would be a nice gift for anyone you know. Who can’t use more mixing bowls??? I can!

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