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new apple ipad pro

New Apple iPad Pro Release Date

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New iPad Pro Release Date

November 11, 2015 is the New iPad Pro Release Date.

We just left the Apple Store where we purchased my husband a new Apple iPad Pro.

We knew that Apple had said they would release their new, bigger iPad in November, but they were never very clear about the day. So no one really knew the new iPad Pro release date.

I have been checking the Apple Store online everyday for a pre-buy option for the new apple iPad Pro.

Imagine my surprise when I found out I could actually walk in and get my new iPad Pro today!

My husband was very excited to get a new one. He has been using his old one for about 4 years and it was about to die. He does all of his business on that tablet, so he couldn’t go without it even one day.

ipad pro release date He wants the new Apple case with the keyboard that was made for the iPad Pro, but they won’t be out for another 3 weeks. Check below for an update on cases for the iPad Pro. The new ones STILL aren’t out yet, but we found a good case so we don’t have to wait for Apple anymore.

So he opted to buy a Incase Classic Sleeve for the 13 inch MacBook to protect it till the new cases are available. It fit perfectly! He will also be able to carry the iPad Pro in the sleeve with the new keyboard case on it. So that makes it nice for later use. IPads and iPhones aren’t safe in his hands.

new apple ipad proThe new Apple iPad Pro has some great benefits. The larger size is nice for working on, 12.9 inch Retina display and its boasting 5.6 million pixels. Since my husband works on it for hours every day, this will be great for him.

The look and feel are very familiar to iPad users. It looks the same, except for the size.

It has a powerful A9X processor that actually outclasses the new 12-inch MacBook. It may be bigger, but it doesn’t weigh more than the first generation iPad.

new apple ipad pro release dateEach corner has a speaker to play stereo sound. The bottom two will play the deeper bass tones and the ones on the top with play the others. But if you rotate the iPad, the speakers rotate as well. Pretty cool!

We left the Apple Store and he gave me the bag to take home. The Apple Store guys set it up for him while we were there. But he is excited to come home from work and play on it.

He just called me to ask me if I was playing on it. Me??? Of course not.

Wait till he sees this blog post!

Here is a great picture of all the iPad versions from the start. You can see a big difference in sizes, especially the iPad Pro.
New Apple iPad Pro Release

Now we can’t wait for the new Apple Pencil to come out. You can write on the iPad and it will save on that page that you are working on. I am really excited about this. When I read a book or a page, I sometimes want to make a comment or note. This will be perfect for that.
Apple Pencil Release

Update on New Apple iPad Pro Case

Logi CREATE Backlit Keyboard Case with Smart Connector for iPad Pro (920-007824)

It has been several weeks since we bought the new Apple iPad Pro, actually almost a month. They told us the keyboard case would be out in 3 weeks. That didn’t happen.  Now they are saying 3 to 5 more weeks.

So Marvin happened to go into the Apple Store to check on them, again. They said no, they aren’t in yet.

So Marvin just looked around a bit and ran into this case. The Logitech iPad Pro Case. He asked the sales guy and he acknowledged that he knew it was there. Then why didn’t he tell Marvin that?

It is just like what Apple is putting out, but better. It is heavier duty, with a back-lite keyboard. We are really impressed with it. It looks and feels like a laptop now. Very secure in its new case and the keyboard is great.

So if you are still waiting on a case from Apple, you might try this one. You are going to love it!!!

Front ViewBack ViewSide ViewClosed

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