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Oliver’s Labels: Mark Kids Clothes The Fun Way

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Olivers Labels

Oliver’s Labels are going to be the perfect thing I need around my house and probably yours too.

With 4 grandsons running around, I have a hard time remembering which shoe goes with which kid, or which shirt belongs to which kid. Now when their moms pack their bags, there will be no doubt who wears what. Poor Xander, his clothes usually end up on his big brother. In the flurry of getting them dressed, I don’t usually check them till we are already out the door for the day. Mali looks shrink wrapped in his clothes and Xander is drowning in his. Someday grandma will have this figured out.

I started looking for an easy solution to this problem, and I think I found a great one.

Olivers Labels for ShoesOlivers Labels for Clothes

Oliver’s Labels will keep kids clothing, shoes and anything else they have, labeled for as long as it needs to be. The labels are waterproof, which means they stay on even when my little boys get in the water or sweat or whatever they do to get so messy. This is a great solution because they are a NO iron, NO sew tag. Simply peel and stick to the “care tag” of your garment. Removable when you’re ready to pass the clothes on to a new owner.

If there are no tags on the garment, they have Iron-on tags as well. They are thin and flexible making them incredibly comfortable to wear.

I wasn’t really sold at first, so I searched for reviews of this product by real moms. Here is what they said that made me realize this was a great product.

  • I put these on my sons clothes, but I tried to pull it off to see if he would be able to. There was no way I was going to be able to do that. Sold on this product!
  • I love how colorful and fun these labels are. I am highly impressed with the quality.
  • I put it on a water bottle. Even with the bottle sweating, the label stayed attached.
  • This is the perfect solution so that my kids don’t bring home the wrong cup from daycare.

It’s always nice to hear what other mothers and grandmothers are saying about a product. I am really excited to share this with you and I hope you love them as much as I do.

Click the link below to get to Oliver’s Labels web site.

Share the love please!

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