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Patio Fireplaces for Wood Burning

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Patio Fireplaces for Wood BurningI love a Patio Fireplace for wood burning.

The smell is what I love. It reminds me of being at my grandparents house. A place that I was safe and cared for.

Burning wood in a patio fireplace brings back great memories of sitting around the fire with my grandparents while they tell stories or read to me.

With fall being almost here, temperatures are getting lower, and the leaves are starting to fall; I know it’s time to get out the Patio Fireplace and find wood to burn.

We spend time with friends and family on the patio with a nice fire. I always have a basket of warm throws that everyone can grab and a the hot cider is warm and waiting. Doesn’t that sound inviting? Well, come on over.

I bought my first Patio Fireplace for wood burning a few years ago, and I was not sure if I would really use it.

It didn’t take long before I was addicted and couldn’t find enough firewood. It turned out to be a wonderful way to end the day, just me and my patio fireplace sitting outside with a nice beverage and my thoughts. I found it very soothing and peaceful.

Sometimes I would get visitors, my husband might join me or friends would drop by. It just seems to be a gathering spot at the end of a long day. When people smell wood burning, you would be surprised how many people hunt you down. We have a great neighborhood full of great neighbors. I don’t mind sharing my fire with them.

Patio Fireplaces for Wood BurningThe first one I bought was a small patio fireplace, but I soon realized I wanted a much larger one. A small firepit is wonderful if your patio is really small or you live in an apartment and have a small concrete patio.

But for me, it was hard for everyone to get around it and keep warm. So now I know I need it to be pretty big fireplace. Not so big that I can’t carry it in the garage when it’s too cold though.

Mine always have a screen on it. It’s a safety feature for kids running around it and I can leave the fire when it is still burning without fear that it might get out and burn the neighborhood down.

I think my patio fireplace is one of my best purchases in a long time. My friends and family think so too.

Patio Fireplaces for Wood Burning

Tips for Finding the Perfect Patio Fireplace for Wood Burning

Great American Backyard Campout - Gathered around the firepit

There are so many Outdoor Fireplaces to choose from. Let me help you figure out which one is perfect for your patio.

I didn’t really get to choose my Fireplace. It was on the sale, sale, sale rack at a local store, so I grabbed it up.

I found that I like ones with a screen over the fire, so I could leave it on or take it off. Sometimes you will want it off, like when you are roasting marshmallows. But other times when there are little kids around that you will want the screen on for protection. It is just nice having the choice.

Other than that, I think the biggest thing to consider is how big you want your fireplace. Some are tiny and then some are huge. How many will be sitting around it would be the thing to think about. Everyone wants their unobstructed view of the fire, so take that into consideration if there is more than two people in your family.

Also, think about where you can get firewood. If you don’t have a source, maybe you will want to get a gas fireplace.

I don’t like a gas fire pit as well, but it is better than nothing. I would miss the wood smoke smell.

I found that I could sometimes pick up a few pieces of firewood along the road, or if I saw someone had cut a tree down, I would stop to ask them if I could take/buy some. Usually my friends kept me in stock. You can look on Craigslist or the local paper for people selling it as well. We had a local company that makes log homes and they sold their scrap wood for really reasonable. Of course it is not in the shape of logs, but boards. It still burns really well.

You can also buy Duraflame logs that burn just like wood.

Red Ember 4 ft. Smokestack Rubbed Bronze Fireplace with Cover

Red Ember Red Ember Wellington 4 ft. Fireplace with Cover

This beautiful outdoor patio fireplace is raised off the ground on four sturdy cast iron legs. I prefer firepits on legs. I always feel like it gets a better air that way.

The fire bowl is large enough for several logs at a time and has a large grate and locking wire-mesh door. You can see how much fire wood you can get in there. I love the look of this pit.

Just above the fire bowl, there is a removable, FDA-certified chrome cooking grate for burgers, dogs, veggies, and more. It would be nice to be able to use it for both cooking and for a firepit.

What I really love about this fireplace is all the smoke is directed straight up the smokestack so your guests won’t get smoked out….but mostly me. It seems to follow me.

It is made of durable steel and finished as antiqued bronze, that will add a bit of flair in your backyard even when it’s not lit.


With door openFire bowlSlide out cooking rakeCovered Chimney

Real Flame Lafayette Fire Pit

Real Flame Lafayette Fire Pit

I really like the size of this. It is 33 inches square, but it looks like it would have plenty of room for 4 or 5 of us to sit around and put our feet up on it.

You can burn real wood, fake logs or the Real Flames cans in this patio fireplace. That is really nice for when you run out of wood.

Real Flame is a gel burner, so it will provide a nice fire, with not a lot of work. Once the gel is gone, the fire is out. No need to worry.

Classic styling and neutral gray tile top bring functional wood burning ambiance to your outdoor environment.

This patio fireplace does come with a spark screen, log poker tool and vinyl protective storage cover. That is really nice that you don’t have to buy those extras.

Third Rock Fire Pit

Fire Pit Art Third Rock Fire Pit

These are handmade in the United States and no two are the same.

With the world globe outline, it is fun to watch the fire dance around the world. You get a different view from every angle too.

There is a rain drain in the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about it filling up with rain.

It is cut from 1/4 inch thick steel, so it will last a long time.

Think of all the great fires you can make in this!!!

This fire pit will completely change the atmosphere of your outdoor living space.


Fire Bowl With Orion Dome

Good Directions Fire Bowl With Orion Dome

The stars are out when this fire pit is burning, even if it’s cloudy.

The intricately cut steel dome and durable copper basin are handmade with quality workmanship to withstand the elements.

It has been hand hammered with a copper finish, and a heavy-duty Wrought Iron stand will keep it steady.

It includes a spark screen, which you will need on the windy evenings.

The fire pit can burn wood, charcoal or kindling. Hand hammered copper finish, heavy-duty wrought iron stand.


Fire Bowl with Full Moon Party

Good Directions FB-3 26-Inch Wrought Iron Fire Bowl with Full Moon Party FireDome

Another great product from Good Direction is this beautiful Fire Bowl with Full Moon Party Fire Dome.

It isn’t just a patio firepit that you burn wood in, it is a piece of art work.

This provides a brilliant glow and heats up any outdoor gathering.

Made of hand-hammered copper finish on a heavy-duty wrought-iron stand.

The fire bowl also comes with a dramatic, intricately cut steel fire dome in the design of a full moon party.

With its beautiful spherical form, this deep copper fire bowl sets ablaze every outdoor gathering and can burn wood, charcoal or kindling.


Big Sky Fire Pit

Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit, Wildlife, Black

This fire pit features wildlife cutouts that create a warm glow for a unique nighttime ambiance. It looks like there is screen over the cutouts. I would worry that sparks would come out of there if there wasn’t a screen.

It comes ready to use right away with spark screen and poker. The spark screen can be taken off if you want, just be sure to put it back on when you go inside. Let’s prevent forest fires.

You can do some cooking on this as well. It includes a full-size cooking grate.

Hex Shaped Outdoor Fire Bowl

UniFlame Hex Shaped Outdoor Fire Bowl with Lattice, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Beautiful oil rubbed bronze finished wood fire pit. I love the way this one stands above the ground. It looks really regal.

It really makes it so you can either just sit around it and appreciate the fire or use it for marshmallows. The lattice work adds a touch of class and will keep the wood inside while letting the flames get more air. I think this patio fireplace will find a place on my patio and never move. It will become just like a piece of furniture. I can see it lasting for many years.

Vintage Copper Fire Pit

CobraCo FTCOPVINT-C Vintage Copper Fire Pit

This vintage copper pit has a romantic feel about it. Building a fire in this will give you lots of time with your sweetie on the outdoor swing or sofa.

The antique rose copper finish and beautiful decorative rim give this fire tub true romantic appeal. It features a 100-percent solid copper tub with a hand-crafted hammered texture to give it an authentic rustic appearance. It is big too. It is 26 inches in diameter and 23 inches deep. You can get a big fire in there.

This fire tub comes with a heavy duty spark screen guard cover to prevent sparks and ash from blowing. It also comes with a a protective vinyl cover to keep rain and leaves out of it.

From what you have seen here, you can tell that fall is going to be a great time to snuggle up and get comfy in front of your new Patio Fireplace for wood burning. Invite your friends and family and have a wiener roast or just let it be you, all by yourself. What ever you choose, just relax and have a good time.

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