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Outdoor Wall Hanging Decor

Decorative Outdoor Wall Hangings

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garden wall hanging decor

I love Decorative Outdoor Wall Hangings  for the garden.

In the spring and summer I spend so much of my time outdoors in my garden that it is just like my home. So I decorate it as if it were my home.

I love being surrounded by great wall hangings that can take the weather and I don’t have to worry about them. With so many to choose from, it is hard to decide on just one or two new ones each year.

Some outdoor wall hangings you may want to take inside to store during the winter, just for their safety. But don’t put them away too soon. Cool nights on the patio, especially with a nice fire, is a good time to enjoy your Outdoor Wall Hanging Decor.


Outdoor Wall Hanging Decor

Greenman Wall DecorFloral Fence DecorationsCrest Wall DecorSun Sprout16 inch Sunflower Bird HouseLarge Metal OwlBlack CatsSunflower Wall Art

See how to decorate an old shed wall with things you may have laying around the house or garden.



Dragonflies Outdoor Wall Hanging Decor

Dragonflies are a favorite creature in the garden. We love to watch them fly around and we love to use them as decoration. You are going to love these dragonflies. Think about interesting places you can hang these. They can be hung from a post or on the garden gate, not just on the house. Get creative!

Copper Wall Mount DragonflyBuy NowDragonfly Wall PlaquesBuy NowDragonfly Metal Wall ArtBuy NowDragonfly Wall PlaqueBuy Now



Outdoor Wall Hanging Clocks

Clocks are a necessary evil in the garden in my mind. I hate being reminded what time it is when I am working in the garden or just relaxing. But like everyone, I have appointments to keep to. But any clock in my garden better be an extra special clock. I like the one that is the glow in the dark, but I would need to see how bright it gets at night. I like the idea of being able to read it even at night. I do sit outdoors a lot in the summer at night.

Outdoor Garden ClockBuy NowWhitehall Sunface Clock – Copper VerdiBuy NowClock Thermometer and Hygrometer ComboBuy NowSpringfieldBuy Now


Funny Outdoor Wall Plaques

I am completely in love with these outdoor face wall plaques. They make me smile every time I see them. I haven’t decided which one to get yet, or where to put them, but I see one or two on a tree. I think these will be so much fun and a bit of a surprise for some just entering my garden for the first time. I know you will love them as well.

Cast Stone Leaf Face – Buzz OffBuy NowCarruth GatekeeperBuy NowCarruth Too Much Fun Wall PlaqueBuy NowLeaf Face Smiling Garden PlaqueBuy Now



Tree Frog Outdoor Wall Hangings

The one thing I look forward to every spring is the singing of the tree frogs. It is one way that I know that spring is coming or has arrived. Since I love gardening so much, I can’t wait for the time to start planting and digging in the dirt. The frogs sing to me all day long in the spring and way into the night. I love them! What better way to show my love of tree frogs than having some frog wall hangings. Check these out.

Decorative Glowing Garden FrogsBuy NowMuseum Quality Metal FrogBuy NowGlow in the Dark FrogBuy NowToad Frog Hollow Cast StoneBuy NowFrog Dream WindowBuy NowFrog Wall PlaqueBuy Now


Welcome Outdoor Wall Hangings

Every gardener I have ever known loves visitors into their garden and they usually have a “Welcome” sign. I do, do you? There are lots of creative wall hanging welcome signs that you can add to your garden or even to your home. I think you will like what I have found.

Everybirdy WelcomeBuy NowIron Outdoor Welcome SignBuy NowWelcome to My GardenBuy NowWelcomeBuy NowCast Iron Welcome SignBuy NowWELCOME or GO AWAY signBuy Now



Sun, Moon and Stars Wall Hangings

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars are common things seen as decoration in the garden. There is a reason for that. Gardeners understand that without those things all working in harmony, our little garden wouldn’t grow as well as it needs to. So just to say thank you, we usually have something of them in our garden as well.

Radiant Sun Wall DecorBuy NowSun Copper PatinaBuy NowCelestial Sun Moon Wall ArtBuy NowSun Burst Flaming RaysBuy Now



Outdoor Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones are not just for stepping on. These are so pretty I would hang them on the wall. Stepping stones can be used just about anywhere in your garden and throughout your yard. You can make them yourself or buy them. I could never make them as pretty as these. With or without letters, they are beautiful. Someday I would love to have enough to spell out the grandkids names in different parts of my garden. Wouldn’t that be a great surprise for them when they come to visit Grandma B?

Monogram Stone PlaqueBuy NowMonogram Stone PlaqueBuy NowMonogram Stone PlaqueBuy Now



Gecko Wall Hangings

If you thought frogs were popular, you will be surprised to learn that geckos are even more popular. They are kinda cute and I have enjoyed watching them when I have been where they live. But I see them on peoples homes even here in Missouri where they don’t live. I like the fact that they come in so many colors…or do the turn so many colors. Not sure about that one. Check out these Gecko Wall Hangings.

Wall Art Decor GeckoBuy NowIron Gecko Design ArtBuy NowPink Metal GeckoBuy NowMetal Gecko Wall Decor 30Buy NowBright Blue Gecko Wall ArtBuy NowGECKO LIZARDS METALBuy NowRecycled Metal HangingBuy NowBright and Colorful YellowBuy NowColorful Blue, Pink, PurpleBuy NowCaribbean Gecko Wall ArtBuy NowSet of 4 Colorful GeckoBuy NowHandmade Metal GeckoBuy Now

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