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Perfect First Drum Sets For Kids Beginning To Play

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The idea of the perfect drum set for kids beginning to play both thrills you and terrifies you in the same moment.

We want to encourage our little ones to explore new things, but this one tends to get a little loud.
Perfect First Drum Sets For Kids Beginning To Play

How do you know if they would even be interested in a drum set? Do you find them on your kitchen floor banging on the pots and pans with a wooden spoon? Do they constantly drum with their hands or fingers? Do you watch them keeping time to the music with their feet? You may have a little drummer on your hands.

As parents, we want to encourage music in their lives and give them all the opportunities possible. Here is a great idea in a low cost way to give them their first drum set so they can explore what it’s like being a drummer, without too much expense.

They may decide this is not what they want, but they will never know until they have their first drum set.

Below you will find several great drum sets for your beginning drummer. Drum sets come in all sizes, sets, and colors.

The Perfect First Drum Set

When you are considering the first drum set for a child, think about the space available to you and the size of the child. This is a great example of the wrong size for the right kid. Read what size the drum set comes in so that their first drum set is a good experience. Trying to learn anything on the wrong size is never good. We are dooming them to hating music forever if we start them out like that.

So make sure their first drum set fits them, at the age their are when you buy it. Don’t buy it for when they are bigger and think they will grow into it. That drum set will sit in the corner and never be touched. This is a big reason to do your homework when choosing your child’s first drum set.

First Drum Sets and Kits

Your child could be the next drumming superstar! There are lots of choices when choosing their first drum set. Color, size and what comes with their set. Does it come with extra drum sticks? Does it come with a stool and is the stool adjustable? These are things you will do well to think about as you are choosing your child’ first drum set.

Top Selling First Drum Sets

There are other choices to consider when choosing your child’s first drum set. You can purchase a full set with all the drums and symbols right away or you can get them a small set with just the bass drum and two smaller drums.

You can always add to the set as your child’s interest rises. I prefer to start with just the basic drum set and then add to it. There have been too many times I have jumped into something thinking that my kids would love it as much as I did. Wrong decision. Start small and build from there.

First Drum Sets for Younger Kids

Little ones can also enjoy these first drum sets for younger children. These sets help them get their first feel of percussion rhythm. So if your child is really young, but is displaying an interest in drumming, these are perfect for them.

These are bright and colorful and kids are just drawn to them. If they end up having some talent, then you can move them on to a better drum set. But for their first drum set, this is perfect.

Did you find one that will be the perfect first drum set for your child? There are some great choices here, ranging from expensive to really inexpensive.

Your child is going to love this!!!

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