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Relaxing River Floats For Summer Fun

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It is finally summer time!

That means weekends on the water and Relaxing River Floats.

I am not such a great canoe driver, so I choose to float instead.

We usually have to tie two or more river floats together so we can just slowly float down the river and chat with each other the whole time. Great memories have been made on the river.

I am always looking for the perfect relaxing river floats and this year I have found several that are getting close to my idea of perfect. I just had to share them with you.

Relaxing River Floats

Two Man Float … Perfect for lazy river floats!

Intex River Run IIClick for Details

The Intex River Run II has everything that I can think of that makes floating on the river fun. The best thing is that it is made for two. I love that!

Then the fact that this Relaxing River Float has a built in cooler is wonderful. It holds about 2 bags of ice and 15 drinks. That is really good for two people.

The seat bottoms are mesh, so you are in the water without really being in the water. The mesh seats let the water keep you cool, while keeping you above the water at working on the perfect tan.

There is a perimeter line so you can tie others on there with you or anything else that you will need on your trip. You can also hang on to it when you are off the float.


Relaxing Solo River Float … Sometimes you just want to float alone.

Intex River Run IClick for Details

Another great choice in a river float. Heavy duty 18 gauge (0.46mm) vinyl makes it tough enough to take whatever the river throws at you.

It has a built-in back rest that you can control the firmness of so that your float will be comfy for the entire trip.

This float also has the mesh seat bottom so you are kept cool, but still can work on your tan.

There is not a cooler in this one, but there are two cup holders.

There is also a all-around grab rope to tie things on to your float or to hang on to when you are in the water.


Your float doesn’t have an ice chest? No worries!

Holds up to 24 cans plus iceClick for DetailsHolds up to 72 cans plus iceClick for DetailsHolds a full size coolerClick for DetailsHolds up to 12 cans plus iceClick for Details

This is the perfect lake float!

Six person lake float. Giant Inflatable Floating Island 6 Person Raft Pool Lake Float 15′-8″x 9′-4′. It is a floating island all to itself.

It has everything that you might need. It has a built in cooler and cup holders. A wading pool, just in case you don’t want to go into the water completely. It even has an anchor so you can find some quiet little alcove and anchor there for the day.

Sounds like too much fun and a day full of sunburns. I am a redhead…the sunburn part always comes to my mind. I just slather on the sun block and I am ready to go.

 On the waterClick for Details or on land…Click for Details perfect fun for everyone!Click for Details

River Floating Memories

river raft memories
Great memories start on the river. Some of my best memories are on the river with my family and friends. Being outside and near the water just makes for a fun day.

Of course, by the end of the day you are exhausted, but it is that kind of exhaustion that just feels good. You know you have had a relaxing day at the river with good friends. Life just doesn’t get much better than that.

I usually end those days by counting the days till the next time we will all be back together with good friends, good food and lots of fun. I really need to plan one of those soon, I am way over due for a day on the river.

Now that I think of it, some of my worst memories are on the river too.
canoeOn one of our canoe float trips, we tipped over in the current. Everything inside our canoe came out and was floating down the river.

When I went under the water the current caught me and took me around the bend and I landed in some tree roots under the water. No matter how hard I tried to push off them, the current slammed me back into the roots. I finally got away from them after, what I thought was hours, and came up to the surface.

Truly my life flashed before my eyes when I was under the water. I knew that no one would be looking for me where I was because they saw me go under around the bend.

Well, I did finally come up, my hat was still on and so were my sunglasses. I guess the force of the current made them stick to my head.

I was black and blue the next day, but I survived. It didn’t keep me from going on down the river or from ever coming back to the river.

I love the water, even after a near death experience.

If water isn’t your thing, try a Beach Cruiser Bike.

Relaxing River Floats For Summer Fun
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