Best Rocking Horses/ Rocking Animals

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The Best Rocking Horses or Rocking Animals are the ones you grew up with. But chances are they aren’t around any more.

Fortunately, they are making a come back and are available in all colors, shapes and animal type. Maybe the rocking horse was what you had as a kid; but your child can now have a rocking elephant. How fun is that???

Is your child’s room decorated in an animal theme? Maybe you can find one that matches.

These aren’t just good for little toddlers, the kids a little bigger still love them. So don’t think that they won’t last very long or that your child will outgrow your rocking animal.

When they do out grow them, put it in the attic for the grand kids because you know they will want it and enjoy it just as much as your kids did.

The hard part is figuring out which you will choose. Will it be the classic rocking horse or will it be a rocking animal of some type. It really doesn’t matter. Whatever you pick, they will love.

Have fun making this decision.

Classic Rocking Horse

Boys and girls of all ages love the classic rocking horse. There are several different colors to choose from.

Happy Trails Plush Rocking Patricia PonyGet DetailsTango Plush Rocking Pinto HorseGet DetailsMelissa & Doug Plush Rocking HorseGet DetailsHappy Trails Rocking Lil Henry the HorseGet DetailsStork Craft Rocking HorseGet DetailsPink Plush Rocking Pony with SoundGet Details



Not So Classic Rocking Horse

Will your kids like the rocking horse that isn’t like everyone else? Then they will love these.

Charm Company Scooby Doo RockerGet DetailsHappy Trails Tiger Plush Rocking AnimalGet DetailsHappy Trails Giraffe Plush Rocking AnimalGet DetailsRocking Mo Mammoth With SoundsGet Details


A few more rockers that are just not classic.

Zebra Plush Rocking AnimalGet DetailsLamb Plush Rocking AnimalGet DetailsThe Very Hungry Caterpillar RockerGet DetailsPanda Plush Rocking AnimalGet DetailsRockin’ Rider BullGet DetailsRocking TigerGet Details



Rocking Horse Special Enough for a Prince or Princess

Ups Carousel Rocking HorseGet DetailsUps Princess Rocking HorseGet DetailsRock-A-My-Baby Rocking HorseGet DetailsPrincess Carriage RockerGet Details



I remember these from my childhood….yes, I am old

Spring action rocking horse. We loved ours because we rocked and rolled and got a great bucking bronco ride. I think we wore those springs out.

Wonder Horse 28″ Horse, TanGet DetailsWonder Horse 28″ Horse, PinkGet DetailsRadio Flyer Blaze Interactive Rocking HorseGet DetailsRockin Rider Plush Diamond HorseGet Details

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