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Stuffed Animal Rocking Horse

Stuffed Rocking Horses | Bring Back the Old Toys That Last Generations

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The Best Stuffed Rocking Horses are the ones you grew up with!

Stuffed Animal Rocking Horses get passes down from generation to generation

But chances are your stuffed rocking horse isn’t around any more.

I am sure you already searched mom’s attic looking for it.

Stuffed rocking horse toys have been passed down through the generations for a good reason. Kids love stuffed animal rocking horses.

Fortunately, they are making a come back and are available in all colors, shapes and animal type.

Ours is still making the rounds of all the grand kids, but it will probably end up at my house when they get too old for it. I will save it for the great grand kids.

We have the cowboy stuffed rocking horse with the red bandanna, but Amazon has a bunch of different ones to pick from.

Drag your Stuffed Animal Rocking Horse all over the house

Our stuffed rocking horse has to be tough to have stood up to all the abuse my kids and now the grand kids have put it through.

They drag it around, up and down the stairs, and the rock it as hard as they can. The only problem we ever have with it is the saddle can start to slide sideways. But it’s an easy fix, just slide it back the other way.

Assembly is Required with the Stuffed Rocking Horses

Assembling Stuffed Animal Rocking Horse makes ones patients grow thin.
Hopefully your little one will be able to be patient while you put their stuffed rocking horse together. It really isn’t hard, it just takes a little bit of time.

You will need batteries (2AA) for this stuffed rocking horse. When your little ones pinches his ear, he will make neighing sounds and you will hear some clip clopping too. How fun!

Assembly Done – Now it’s time for some Rocking Horse fun time!

Stuffed Animal Rocking Horses can take the abuse kids give it and still stand up

Get the camera out and be ready for some adorable pictures. 

When they grow out of these stuffed rocking horses, the next step is the Plush Spring Horses. Remember those, with the springs on it so you could get some real bunking horse action? I loved those too!

Other Great Stuffed Animal Rocking Horses

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Stuffed Rocking Horses - Bring Back The Toys that Last
Stuffed Rocking Horses - Toys that Last
Stuffed Rocking Horses - Toys that Last
Share the love please!

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