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Super Hero Shoes: Spruce Up Your Little Super Hero At Home

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Super Hero Shoes: Spruce Up Your Little Super Hero At Home
Kids don’t always want to wear shoes, so we have to convince them that they have to.

Having cool Super Hero shoes will make that whole process much easier. They will run to put their shoes on everyday and you will have to fight them to get them off of them at the end of the day.

Let’s not even talk about trying to wash them from time to time. It will be hard to keep them away from them long enough for them to dry. Check out these great Super Hero Shoes that kids will love.

Hand Painted Super Hero Shoes

Hand Painted Spiderman ShoesHand PaintedHand Painted Star WarsHand Painted Super Heros

Cool Iron Man Shoes

With the new Iron Man movies, kids will be wanting everything Iron Man, including their shoes. Get a jump on them and order them today. With such a great variety, you will find something perfect for your kiddo.

Stride Rite X-Celeracers Iron Man SneakerClick for DetailsStride Rite Iron Man Slip-On SneakerClick for DetailsIron Man Boys Gold Athletic ShoesClick for DetailsStride Rite X-CeleRacers Iron Man 2.0Click for Details

Awesome Spider Man Shoes

Spider Man continues to be the top dog in kids minds. Who doesn’t like a man that can climb buildings. Spider Man is the guy that your little ones want to be. Try giving them Spider Man shoes and see what they think. Maybe they will start climbing the walls too. The first Spider Man shoes light up when your kiddo walks, jumps or climbs. They love the shoes that light up. I thought the last time we bought shoes for my grandson that he would choose regular, non-light up shoes. I was wrong. I guess 7 year old boys still love the blinking lights.

Disney 0SPF901 Spider-Man Lighted SneakerClick for DetailsStride Rite Spider-Man Lighted SneakerClick for DetailsStride Rite Spider-Man Spidey Sense Lighted SneakerClick for DetailsDisney 0SPF402 Spider-Man Lighted SneakerClick for Details

Non Light Up Spider Man Shoes

Spiderman CageClick for DetailsStride Rite Spider Man SneakerClick for DetailsClog Boys’ Toddler Slip OnClick for DetailsBoys Black Canvas LoaferClick for DetailsStride Rite Spider-Man SandalClick for DetailsStride Rite Spider-Man Flip-FlopClick for DetailsSpider-Man Kids Red Silly Feet ClogsClick for DetailsSpider-Man Kids Navy Silly Feet ClogsClick for Details

Terrific Batman Shoes

Batman has been around since my parents were kids. He has been my hero, has he been yours too? Our kids love him too. He is the good guy. The one in the white hat…well not really, but you know what I mean. Now is a great time to grab a pair of terrific Batman Shoes for your kids. Get them excited about Batman and doing the right thing every day. I truly love the Converse version of the Batman Shoes.

Batmanetic Casual All Kids ShoesClick for DetailsBatman High Top SneakerClick for DetailsBatman Rain BootClick for DetailsSuperman Canvas TrainerClick for Details

Superman Shoes

I love the rain boots. I am thinking seriously of getting the grandsons some of these. I love Batman, he has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl.

Superman SneakerClick for DetailsWestern Chief Superman Rain BootClick for Details

Birkenstock Super Hero Shoes

We all know Birkenstock. We know they are good for our feet. So it is the perfect thing for our kids. Shoes that look cool and are great for they little feet.

Birkis Shetland Marvel Captain AmericaClick for DetailsBirkis Shetland Marvel IronmanClick for DetailsBirkis Ellice SpidermanClick for DetailsBirki’s Boys’ Kay Spiderman TogetherClick for DetailsBirkis Kay Marvel ComicsClick for DetailsBirkis Original SpidermanClick for Details

Did you find a Super Hero shoe that will be perfect for your kiddo? I do hope so. Don’t wait too long. They grow up so fast, soon he won’t want or won’t believe in Super Hero’s. Don’t let this time pass you by. Enjoy them now, every minute. Believe me, I know…..mine are all grown and they have kids of their own. How did that happen so fast?

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  1. What little kid wouldn’t love a pair of these fantastic super hero shoes. And it is amazing that the pattern on the shoe actually represents the super hero so well. Such a small canvas to work on but it really comes out so recognizable. I love it.

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