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Kids Toydozer Clean Up Set

Kids ToyDozer Clean Up Set

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I think this is long over due. I got really tired of walking on Legos. My son loved his Legos but hated picking them up. So did I! What a great idea to give to our kids so they will clean up after themselves, but it feels like play.

Kids ToyDozer Clean Up Set When the grand kids come to visit, they love the Legos. I love seeing them have so much fun with them. But for days after they leave, I am still picking up Legos.

I think this would be a great idea for them. To little kids, toys spread all over the floor looks like a huge clean up job. Hand this this ToyDozer and it will suddenly feel like play.

It works with big and little Legos, any building blocks really. Puzzle pieces would be easy to pick up. Any toy that is about 8 to 10 inches long will fit inside this toydozer.

Are you ready for fuss free toy clean up time? Check out this great video review.

Toydozer Toy Clean Up Set (Blue)Toydozer Toy Clean Up Set (Purple)

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