Treadmill Stand Up Desk

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Treadmill Stand Up DeskIf I had a treadmill stand up desk, I would walk on my treadmill a lot more than I do now.

I hate walking on the treadmill. It is so boring and I always think about all that I need to accomplish that day.

This solves both problems. I won’t be bored if I am working and I won’t worry about the time I am wasting if I am exercising. Win Win!

Each treadmill desk has different options, depending on what you are looking for.

It isn’t just work you can do while on your treadmill stand up desk.

You can read, write and answer emails, talk on the phone, read your iPad, and keep up with your social media sites.

Working while walking will boost your energy levels and increase your productivity throughout the day.

Chances are you won’t get tired of your work out with these great treadmill stand up desks.

They are sturdy and adjustable to your size. This is an awesome tool for those of us on the computer all day. Now we can exercise and work.

If you still aren’t sure, check out this review from a new mommy that tried it and loved it.

Buy Treadmill Desk

There are several choices depending on what you need. I think I would rather have the one that goes around my body with the cup holders just because I think I might need the space, especially if I am copying something to an email or some thing like that.

Some of these are just the desk and others are both the desk and the treadmill. It is a good idea to buy them together, then you know they will fit and work well together.

Come January 1st, will this be in your office or home for your New Years resolution? I might be in mine.

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