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Tree Bookcase

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My kids always loved books. I started reading to them the moment they were born. So this Tree Bookcase would have been perfect in their room.

Actually, our children’s library was in the hall so the kid’s could share the library. But still, this would have been an awesome focal point at the end of the hall. I would have painted it when I would change the wall colors or maybe just left it white or green and painted the walls behind it. This would have been perfect in my house. Maybe I should get it for the grand sons books now.

Over the years, as they grow and their interest changes, so will the books on their book tree. They will be able to use this their entire childhood and beyond.
Beautiful Tree Bookcase
This isn’t a small bookcase either. The dimensions are 47 inches wide x 6 inches deep x 63 inches high. It is made of durable CARB II compliant MDF and finished in the high-gloss, low VOC lacquers. It can hold over 100 books and attaches securely to the wall. There is no assembly required with this tree bookcase, but screws do come with it to attach it securely to the wall.

Using it in the nursery would be perfect, but I can also think of other rooms that it would look awesome.

Try painting it bright bold colors to coordinate with your room. Maybe for the baby’s nursery paint it to match the decor that you have put in there. It can be painted over and over again, so don’t worry about it. Get creative.

If you decide to get this tree bookcase for your home, try painting it to match your decor that you have chosen. It will make a great pop of color and a discussion starter for your home. People will ask where you got it and think you made it.

If you have bold colors on the wall, you may just want to stick with green or white.

Two colors to choose from.

Forest GreenSnow White

Get creative with your new Tree Bookcase and you will love it for generations.

Here are a few other Tree Bookcase options. They aren’t as elaborate as the ones above, but you may like them better.

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