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How To Design A Giraffe Themed Bathroom

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giraffe shower curtain
Giraffes are one of my favorite animals because they are so graceful even though they are large.

I feel calm when I watch them. I am really thinking of doing my bathroom in a giraffe theme, but I didn’t want it to look like a kids bathroom.

I found some wonderful choices that are far from kid worthy bathroom curtains. These are awesome! Here is a link to the one pictured here. (Jellybean Giraffes Shower Curtain) The bright colors burst out of this curtain. It will truly brighten any bathroom.

Make a statement without even trying with this giraffe shower curtain. I wonder what color you would paint the walls if you chose this one? The bold color gives you a lot to work with in your bathroom and so many great bold paint options.

This is not a plastic curtain. It is a woven polyester, so it is breathable and light weight. They make this shower curtain with a 6 color dye process that is custom printed for every order. That is how the colors are so vibrant and can stay that way forever.

Giraffe Art Teal and White ChevronCheck Price

 Mandy Hazell Gentleman Giraffe Shower CurtainCheck Price

I think this would make the perfect gentleman’s bathroom shower curtain.

Maybe for a young teen or older.

It is fun and yet very masculine.

Put some fun accessories with this and you may never get him out of the bathroom.


 Casey Rogers Giraffe Color Shower CurtainCheck Price

I think this would make the perfect female bathroom shower curtain.

Maybe for a young teen or older.

It is fun and yet very feminine. I would use that pretty pink shade on the walls. That would be so pretty!

Put some fun accessories with this and you have the perfect giraffe themed bathroom for any girl.


 The Giraffe Shower CurtainCheck Price

At first sight, you aren’t sure what this curtain has on it.

But once you stand back and look… see the giraffe head.

It isn’t scary, instead it is rather friendly looking.

Great colors that are bold, but muted at the same time.

I think this would look great if the shower were at the far end of the bathroom and you get a straight shot look at it.


Giraffe Silhouette Shadow with SunsetCheck Price

Mysterious and yet so welcoming.

If you have a great love for Africa and the things in the wild, this may be the perfect curtain for you.

I love how things are in the mist and the giraffe is looking right at you.

Very subtle, but great colors for a calming bathroom.



 Savannah Complete Bath Decor SetCheck Price

Here is a complete set with everything you need to set up a giraffe themed bathroom in just minutes.

The set includes – Shower curtain, 12 curtain rings, 3 hand towels, lotion pump, soap dish, toothbrush holder and tumbler.

The tumbler, soap dish and lotion pump are made of ceramic and polyester, so they will last even if you do drop them.

The shower curtain is plastic, but it can be washed in the machine and tumbled dry on low.


 Giraffe Paper Towel Holder – RustCheck Price

Cast iron giraffe toilet paper holder. Love It!

It can hold more than one roll at a time.

This will be a reason people will come out of your bathroom and start a conversation.

Great accent to any bathroom, but especially to a giraffe themed bathroom.


Framed Bathroom Giraffe Artwork

 Giraffe Bath Room Decor Art Spa Print FramedCheck Price Giraffe Bath Room Decor Print FramedCheck Price

Great Choices In Accent Pieces

 Sandicast Original Giraffe SculptureCheck Price Kissing Giraffe Figurine StatueCheck Price Wooden Giraffe FigurineCheck Price

Did you find a giraffe curtain you like? I hope so. But what about a fish shower curtain instead? Check out the Best Fishy Shower Curtains here.

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