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What is the best Garage Vacuum?

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What is the best garage vacuum

Garage vacuums are not just a good tool, but they are invaluable in our lives, our homes and in our businesses. When you are looking for the best garage vacuum, there are many different things to think about. So choosing the best one for your home can be confusing.

How do I choose the best garage vacuum? I want a really heavy duty one to pick up the grime that gets dragged into the garage. Inside the house I usually use it on water I spilled, so I want it to have great suction to get up the water. I also want it to have a long hose so I don’t have to be pulling it all over the house or garage. There has be a good balance of hose, because I don’t want too much either because I always seem to get tangled up.

But also, you need to think about the size of the vacuum you want. Do you want a large capacity or just a small one for little jobs? When you have a flood in your basement, believe me, you want a large one. But when you spill water in the kitchen, you usually only need a small one.

So how do you choose the right wet/dry vacuum for YOU? My best advice is that it is better to have a large one than to have a small one and really need a large one. Large ones clean up small jobs just as good as small ones do.

So, I am going to give you some great choices in garage vacuums. I will start with some large ones and go down. Then you make the right choice for you. I hope this helps you find the best vacuum.

Let’s start with some big vacuums. I am not sure you will ever need one this large, but they are nice to have around, just in case.

Large Capacity Garage Vacuums

These have the power and a large capacity. What sets these wet/dry vacs apart from the others is the pump. It allows you to suck water up in one place and pump it to another using a common garden hose. If you have ever had a flooded basement, you know how convenient this would be. No more carrying out water and dumping it. With these great vacuums, you can be sucking water and dumping water at the same time. These have a long hose; long enough to do the job without getting yourself tangled in it. The power plug is long as well. So plug it in and get to work with out having to move it around much. As you can see in the picture, these vac come with loads of extras and attachments. You can’t go wrong with any of these large capacity garage vacuums.

22-GallonCheck Price24-GallonCheck Price32-GallonCheck Price

20 Gallon Garage Vacs

Here are some great choices in wet/dry vacuums that hold 20 gallons. I would still consider one of these, but I think they were thinking of us women when they created the quiet vacuum. The quiet vac has features much like the rest of them, except that it is quiet. I know this probably doesn’t matter to men, but for women it does. When the baby is sleeping, you sure don’t want to be dragging out the big garage vac only to wake the baby. The one thing I do like about this product is that it has a built in tank drain. That means when I am cleaning up messes and it is time to empty it, I can set a bucket under the drain and not have to take the whole vacuum out to dump it. That is a huge deal to me.

The Hoover CH84000 Ground Command offers 1000-watts of cleaning power. That is a whole lot of muscle cleaning up any mess you make in the garage or basement. It has dual motors which makes it easy to switch from wet to dry vacuuming quickly.

20-GallonCheck Price20-Gallon Quiet VacCheck Price20-Gallon IndustrialCheck Price

12 To 18 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuums

12-GallonCheck Price14-GallonCheck Price16-GallonCheck Price18-GallonCheck Price

10 Gallon Garage Vacuums

10 gallon is really a mid range size. Probably the smallest I would go for any flooding around the house. Any smaller and you will be constantly dumping buckets of water.

10-GallonCheck Price10-GallonCheck Price10-GallonCheck Price10-GallonCheck Price

By now you have figured out that all garage vacuums are similar. It is important that you read the specifics for each one so you get exactly what you are looking for.

Small Wet/Dry Vacuums for Little Jobs

These are perfect for small spaces like your car, RV, stairs or anywhere else a large vac won’t fit. I really love having one of these for my car. It is convenient and gets the job done. Check these out.

2.5-GallonCheck Price2.5-GallonCheck Price1/2-GallonCheck Price2.5-GallonCheck Price

Ok…this should have given you lots of choices and lots of things to think about. Think about just one more thing for me. Which one of these jobs will be the next one where you find yourself wishing you had a Garage Wet/Dry Vacuum?

 Saw dust.Check Price Accidental spills.Check Price Outside work.Check Price Complete flooded basement.Check Price Swimming pool prep work.Check Price Blowing or sucking leaves.Check Price Dirt spill.Check Price Outside water spill.Check Price

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