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Balancing Garden Decor

Whimsical Balancing Garden Decor – Sway and Dance in the wind

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Whimsical Balancing Garden Decor are magical just to sit and watch!

These Whimsical Balancing Garden Decor pieces are just adorable! My garden is my haven, and I love putting pieces like this in there.

They are fun and I am a bit mesmerized watching them while I sit and enjoy the running water from the water fountain. My perfect time to sit out there is early in the morning with my coffee.

They really do sit there on a stake balancing and dancing with the breeze. It makes me smile because it is so cute.

You can put these guys anywhere around the yard. There are different sizes, so you can either make them stand out in your garden or yard or hide them in with some pretty flowers. But if you put them with plants, leave room for them to do their dancing.

I haven’t decided if I am going to take them in for the winter time. So many times I come sit outside even when it is cold, so I am thinking I will leave them. They will make me smile every morning that I brave the cold for some solitude.

Bird Balancing Garden Stakes

A Few Quirky Birds Balancing Garden Stakes

These vary in height between 25 and 42 inches. Just stick them in the ground or sand and let the wind do the rest. They are barely sitting on top of the metal bar, but they are perfectly balanced and will stay that way all day long. You will enjoy watching them dance while sitting in your garden. (Found at

Old CrowsOld CrowsPerched OwlsPerched OwlsFlying BirdsFlying Birds


Frog Balancing Yard Stakes

Frogs Balancing Yard Stakes

Playful frogs gently see-saw in the wind. What a delight to sit and watch. I can just imagine what they are saying to each other. This adorable frog balancing yard stakes comes with a 42 inch post. They also spin with the wind, and seesaw. (Found at your trusted

Butterflies and Dragonflies Balancing Garden Stakes
Butterflies and Dragonflies Balancing Garden Stakes

These balancing garden stakes are 42 inches high and are made with  metal with resin stone accents.  Now you can plant them in your garden and watch them whenever you like. Butterflies belong in the garden. (Found at

Hummingbird Balancing Garden Decor

Hummingbird Balancing Garden Stakes

The hummingbirds are the one thing I get really excited about seeing in my garden every spring. I think most people feel the same way about them. They are fascinating to watch! Now you can watch them any time you want.

I find this hummingbird yard stake really interesting. If you have watched hummingbirds, you will see sometimes several at once trying to feed. They fight and chase each other and it can become a real battle to get to the food. This balancing garden decor piece reminds me of that. The stake is 40 inches tall for this balancing garden decor piece. (Found at your trusted

Fun Balancing Garden Art

GolferGolferBallerina DancerBallerina DancerFishermanFishermanKittenKittenBear and FishBear and FishDolphin DuoDolphin DuoMotorcycleMotorcycleHorseHorse


Aren’t those fun?!?!?! I love anything that goes in my garden and I appreciate it when my friends and family find wonderful treasures for me to put in it. Do you know someone that would love to have a balancing garden decor display in their garden? These make perfect gift ideas.

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Balancing Garden Decor - Created for your enjoyment. Watch them dance and see-saw with the breeze. You can't help but smile
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